Friday, December 2, 2011

(Thanks)Giving 10%

I love my husband. Period. He is the perfect hitch for my wagon and I wouldn't change a thing about him. He could be summed up in a series of words. Loving. Caring. Thoughtful. Helpful. The list continues. If I had to use one word to describe my other half, though, it would be good. In the English language, this word is often taken for granted.

Good is used to describe menially positive things. When I use this word to describe him, I mean it in the way of a good man, in every sense a good human being. Now that you are on the verge of vomiting with this mooshy, gooey grossness, I'll ease your suffering.

A close second to the word good, and I mean a close second, as in millimeters close second, would be impulsive. Yes, drop of the hat, react without using his brain, utterly and entirely impulsive. In the best possible way, of course.

He lives in the moment more than any three people put together I know, which to someone who is spastically neurotic, like yours truly, is as fascinating as it is terrifying and panic-inducing. In short, he keeps me on my toes.My toes, got a little squished the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

We have joined a wonderful new church in our current city, but sadly have missed many uplifting messages and tear-jerking sermons on account of being employed part-time. Used and abused college students usually don't get weekends to themselves.

Last Sunday, Husband was miraculously off of work and went to hear God's Word. When he returned home I asked how it went and about the subject matter. He gave me a brief summary and I went about my day. Now, you must understand, a few weeks ago, we discussed tithing 10% of one of our pay checks regularly to the church, because we believe in this little family we've found and wish for it to grow.

This is where impulsive queues stage right and the orchestra strikes Bach #5.

Husband: "Oh, by the way, don't be mad."

Me: Giggle, "Okay, why would I be mad?"

Husband: "I kind of caught up on our tithing this morning."

Me: Raising the eyebrow.

Husband: "I just, you know, thought we should catch up for the year, since it's almost December, so I gave away 10% of what's in our account."


I subsequently BURST into laughter, as is my habit when faced with uncomfortable or heavily weighted situations.

Me: "Yeah baby? You didn't think that important to discuss with me first?"

Husband: "I thought about that as I was putting the envelope into the plate. At least I thought about it before I got home! I'm sorry! I won't do it again."

I continued laughing and insisted that of all the things about which we hear husbands doing with joint money, giving that sum to our church was by far better than anything like gambling or spending on any other vice which could be harmful.

Seriously though? 10% of our ENTIRE account at once just before Christmas, but, I have a sainted husband who always thinks of others first. Who would condemn that? I truly admire his willingness and ability to GIVE, yet another lesson I've learned in our young married life.